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Base Rules

* All Edits = OK! This means that you can edit my bases however you want, with no restrictions. (If making a mutant frankenbase, please follow the rules posted on other artists' bases when doing so.)
* Please do not redistribute my bases on other sites. You may save them, and you may redistribute them privately (via email, private message, or etc), provided that my link stays intact when you do so.
* Link to http://duckie.artician.com when posting. If you have old links that go to my devart account, you're not required to update those, but you can if you like.

- Duckie~


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Hi, I'm Duckie, formerly user roastduckstew over at deviantArt. I recently left deviantArt due to their poor treatment of transgendered and gender-queer individuals. To quote my deviantArt journal on the issue: I do not wish to support a site that has to be threatened into treating people with dignity and respect. The fact that they have changed...

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Hi. I've seen your dolls and bases years ago on some forums, and I'm glad I found them again! I was wondering, are you going to post your pullip bases again? I really enjoyed it but can't find it anywhere.
I hopped over to Artician to follow you. Hi again, Duckie!
HI DUCKIE! Fancy seeing you here~